Teenage Recreational Activities Project

TFI strongly support recreational activities among the teenage clubs. Among these activities, we highlight sports, debates, field trips, etc for social improvement and intellectualism among our members

Peace, Non Violence and Conflict Resolution Project

This is one of the major works of TFI because conflict and violence has become a way of life of some family members who live a dysfunctional life as a result of the war that was fought in Liberia. Where ever there is a group of people especially war affected, it is important to have peace and non violence among them for unity. We also do this through group and individual discussions, readable materials and visual aid. Volunteers around the world are also welcome especially those with vast experience in this area to work.

Medical Care Project

TFI outmost concern is to render medical assistance to its members and the community most especially the target group. We hope to implement this through having our own drugs store which will cost us less. We will also render medical assistance for some specific cases. Above all, we will render medical counseling to all.

Social Health Education Project

TFI supports health education on HIV/AIDS, Teen Pregnancy and Drugs Abuse. Teaching and Counseling on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and others are high on the agenda. We are involved in group and individual discussions, readable materials and visual aid. Volunteers around the world are highly welcome especially those with vast

Training Project

TFI provides Training for teenagers and some vulnerable community members in the area of: Vocational Skills, Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Multimedia. We seek support for the opening of the training center for all the departments. We actually need the center, equipments and materials for this capacity building.


Baking, Catering and Services Project

This is a sustainability project for TFI that provides a job opportunity for the skilled teenagers who will compensated for their efforts. We decorate, bake and cater to important programs like weeding, graduation, ect , for a reasonable cost. TFI needs some materials to begin with.

Students Exchange Project

TFI highly solicit support and encourage various countries, organizations and individuals through the Ministry of Education to help support Teenage Students Exchange Project in and around the world. If learning takes place only at one locality, both the education and experience of the individual will only be concentrated at that locality. On the other hand, students who learn at different localities will have vast knowledge both in learning and experiences that bring great improvement in the individual’s life, country and the world at large. Henceforth, the future of our country depends on the up bringing of our children who are the future leaders.

Scholarship Scheme Project

TFI Solicits for scholarship and or pay fees for the needy students within the Teenage Clubs. For this, the girls are hugely benefited than the boys. Note, the only key to success and productivity is education. Also to empower a nation means to educate a woman. Since illiteracy and ignorance are serious killers or diseases, let us help to educate the children in our communities.

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