Ebola Virus In Liberia

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014 12:45
  1. EBOLA is a life threatens disease that sweeps whole family when a member is attacked. It is seriously spreading rapidly in Liberia. Almost every day, bodies and victims are reported.

In consideration of the relevance of the deadly disease “EBOLA” Teens Focus International has embarked on the “Awareness & Prevention” of EBOLA amongst the kids/teenagers especially our members. For the future of this country hugely depends on the kids we work with.

For this project, TFI needs T-Shirts, Burners, flyers and transportation for the work for the awareness. And for the preventive methods, we need buckets, clora, soap and gloves.

Opening of schools for the kids in Liberia has been postponed to time indefinite due to the spread of EBOLA.  This disease has malfunction all activities in Liberia, Buckets of clora with soap are found in every public areas for hand washing.

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