Message from Founder

I am Mathias L. Kamara, a Dreamer, Founder and Director of this worthy organization, Teens Focus International.
My Co-Founder is Hawa M. Korhone commonly known as Irene Vannie. She is the International Volunteers Coordinator (IVC) for this organization.

Teens Focus International believes that the education and up keeping of the children especially the most troublesome age group (Teenagers) is not a parental problem. It is a societal, nationwide or worldwide problem. If the child becomes good, the community also benefits not only the parents. And if the child becomes bad, the community also suffers. Then what can we do to rescue this situation? The best thing we can do now is to prepare them for future leadership or become self-reliant. Twenty to twenty-five years to come, these children will take charge of our leadership nationwide or worldwide.

Hencefore, we are calling on all parents, the international communities, organizations, religious groups and noble personalities to contribute meaningfully to Teens Focus International like Hon. Myers Karteh who have been the financial backing and driving force behind the organization. Our strength lies in contributions, donations, Partnership and sponsorship. One can become a member of TFI from any part of the world. All one has to do is to fill in the membership form correctly on the net or at the main office, indicate your monthly contribution for the development of the kids and sign. Membership, partnership and sponsorship are opened to all. A minimum fee of $5 is required for foreign member.

Teens Focus International aims at reaching to all teenagers around the world. We have decided to form TFI in every country whether Africa or Europe. For interested countries or group witching to have TFI or partnership, please contact us.


Much appreciated

Mathias L. Kamara

Founder & Executive Director

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