Teens Focus International

Teens Focus International is an non Governmental, non Political and nonprofit organization which is being established to work with the kids/teenagers on education and character building.

TFI was founded on October 10, 2007 by a classroom teacher, Mathias L. Kamara and launched on September 23, 2011. More than seven hundred and fifty (750) kids/teenagers participated in the launching.One hundred and twenty-five of them benefited from our scholarship program in Ghana which seventy three of them were girl.The organization was actively managed by a group of Liberian refugees with visible impact in eight (8) school within and around the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana.

TFI returned to Liberia in June 2012 and started the activities in Monrovia and has now extended to Grand Bassa County.

Methodology: We form Teens Character Clubs (TCC) in school and communities as a platform to reach a large number of Kid through constructive interactions.


The inception of the Liberia’s civil war forced the collapse of Education, Health,  Economic, Social and Political structures within the country and have had devastating effects on the Liberian  population most especially women and children. Some of them were raped and husbands killed using the teenagers to serve as providing arms for the family.  Some were abused sexually converting them into early motherhood, resulting into unwanted pregnancies that increase street children in the society. They have lost site of education.  Most of the children are not in school due to lack of support, hence fore, engaging in sexual activities as a medium of support since the parents can not afford. TFI believes that focusing on the education and empowerment of teenagers especially females is the highest human resource development in any post war country like Liberia. 

Some major projects or works have also been done in our country and no good documentary has been made. Donors sometimes support projects that can not be visualized in other parts of the world. Documentary also exposes and promotes project link in the world.



To Rescue The Future


Preparing To Become Self-Reliant


Yours Is Ours

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