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Are You Making These Add Events Mistakes?

10PM-12PM Rangpur, Bangladesh

TFI relocated to Liberia in June 2012, under a forceful repatriation by UNHCR in Ghana.

We started on Nathan E. Gibson school campus, Duport Road Junction, Paynesville, Liberia. We later extended to Pipeline Road, Barnersville and Kpainga’s town, Gbrand Bassa County. We are presently in Chicken Soup Factory with the project.

2014/2015, TFI worked Ebola surviving kids called “Kids After Ebola” and send few to school and rented some rooms for them.

Event Informationh

  • Address - babu kha, Rangpur
  • Date - 20/10/2020
  • Venue - Dhaka
  • email - demo@example.com
  • Phone - +998 465 322 665