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Teens Focus International (TFI) is a non government, nonpolitical and nonprofit organization that works with the kids mainly Teenagers.


The Liberian civil crisis did not only forced the collapse of Education, Health,  Economic, Social and Political structures of the country, it also affected the moral fabric of the Liberian society among which is the decadent character inherited by the children and adolescences during the 14 years’ war. Most of those adolescences are now parents and their experiences are affecting the upbringing of their kids. This is being directly transferred to other kids who had to interact with the affected kids in parts or in hold.

· In addition, the experiences of most teenage girls serving as bread winners for their families or catering for their own needs at an early age continues to undermined their ability to manage themselves. This continues to increase the number of teenage pregnancy in the country.

· These teenage mothers lack the capacity to mode the minds of their children with the necessary up bringing that will support the betterment of the Liberian society. The rebuilding of self-esteem of girls and young women is still being hampered by sexual gender based violence in all forms. The protection of children after the crisis has intensified, but the challenge is still enormous with limited capacity of organizations interested to build the kids character or intervene.

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