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Lot of innocent children in Africa have made the streets their homes, they are vulnerable to violence and are deprived of love, education, peace, security and worst of all their families.

If the child becomes bad, the community suffers.

Then what can we do to rescue this situation? The best thing is to prepare them for future leadership or become self-reliant.

Better a child life

How Can You Help Us?

Lot of innocent children in Africa have made the streets their home, they are vulnerable to violence and are deprived of love, education, peace, security and worst of all  extended families. Any form of violence against children is never acceptable, it is the most disquieting challenges facing society, it is nothing new to the world, but we must still stand up against it with all our might.


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We are deeply involved in Character Education or Rebuilding Character by using Scholarship and Life Skills Development as motivational factors to win and maintain children/teenagers with decadent characters most especially from the streets.

Teens Focus International

Molding new minds for social transformation on Sexuality & Characters Education. Sexuality is one of the areas TFI is highly focusing to help rebuild teens characters. At this point, teens no longer listen or confide in their parents or guardians. But only confide in their friends and things they see or hear in the society and in most often, lead them to destruction. We therefore start with Teenage Pregnancy.

Goal- $25245
Teens Focus International

TFI seriously prioritize education especially where the need exist. There is a great need of education in Africa most especially a post war country like ,"Liberia" that suffered 14 years civic war. This Civic crisis forced the collapse of Education, Health, Economic, Social and Political Structures of the country. It also affected the moral fabric of the Liberian Society among which is the decadent character. Many kids/teens need great attention for education. They are willing smart but no support. In some communities, there is no school for the children; and even areas where there are school buildings, parents/guardians are lacking tuition or support to send their children to school.

Goal- $15245
Teens Focus International

Life Skills Development is to bring children up in their specific areas of interest while still in school. This is to help them acquire some skills or knowledge extra from their educational studies. Some teenagers who have less interest in school or have drop out from school are also highlighted in this project. For example, computer, photographing, sports, hair plating etc. TFI has decided to start with computer training by establishing computer labs in the very schools where so ever Teens Character Clubs (TCC) is formed. More students from grade school to university level are lacking computer knowledge while we now live in computer world. To enable us battle this modern life, we are also seeking and soliciting computers and some power generators for the smooth operation implementing this project. We all can be a help of this program in part or in full by donating to this program also in kind or in fund. You can rescue a child with a workable computer whether new or used. Our arms are open to your donation. Stay blessed.

Goal- $35245

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Elizabeth Kukor Nagbe

Board Chair

Mathias L. Kamara

Founder & Director

Kema Princess Morris


Nathaniel Toe

Vice President

Philip S. Whymah

General Field Supervisor